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By Abdus Sattar GhazaliUrdu Academy 9-25-2016 (28)

Urdu Academy of North America hosted Jashn-e-Sarfaraz Abad on September 25, 2016 at the Chandni Restaurant, Fremont/Newark CA.

The event included the launching of Sarfaraz Abad's second poetry collection - Khushboo, Rang, Ujala - published this year by Maktaba Al-e-Shafaq, Hayward CA. A unique title for the book was designed by well-known artist, Salma Arastu who also attended the Jashn-e-Sarfaraz Abad.

(Picture shows from left: Ahmar Shahwar, Tashie Zaheer, Sarfaraz Abad, Nasim Farogh and Kashif Haideri)

Sarfaraz Abad's second poetry collection came after almost quarter of century. The first collection Sarfraz Abad's poetry collection - Woh Zulf PareeShaN Hai Abhee - was published in 1992.

President of the Urdu Academy of North America, Tashie Zaheer, presented a well-researched maqala on the poetry of Sarfaraz Abad. His maqala is also serves as introduction to Abad's second poetry collection. The title of Tashie's maqala is "Sarfaraz Abad, A True and Real Poet."

According to American novelist and humorist poet, Donald Robert Perry Marquis (1878-1937), publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose-petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. Sarfaraz Abad has dropped a rose-petal by publishing his second collection of poetry, now he is waiting for  response from the lovers of Urdu poetry. His first collection was well received and his second collection will be received well as manifested by the poetry lovers who queued for having a autographed copy of Sarfraz Abad's poetry collection.

Urdu Academy 9-25-2016 (22) Urdu Academy 9-25-2016 (23)

Left picture shows Artist Salma Arastu presenting the title of Khushboo, Rang, Ujala to Sarfaraz Abad. Salma Arastu designed the title of the book. Right picture shows Sarfaraz Abad presenting new collection of his poetry to Tashie Zaheer, president of the Urdu Academy of North America.

Tashie Zaheer said Sarfraz Abad's poetry is best reflection of his personal experiences, observations and creative realities. He quoted these verses of Abad to prove his point:Urdu Academy 9-25-2016 (26)

Zindagi Hai To Ishq Bhee Hogaa
Ye Alamat Hai Zindagani Kee

Buhat Hai Is'mai Rushwai Buhat Hai
HameiN Par Aashqee Bhaa'ee Buhat Hai

To borrow author and poet Roger Housden, poetry at its best calls forth our deep being. It dares us to break free from the safe strategies of the cautious mind. It is a magical art, and always has been — a making of language spells designed to open our eyes, open our doors and welcome us into a bigger world, one of possibilities we may never have dared to dream of.

I believe Sarfraz Abad's poetry meets this criteria. His poetry touches the feelings of listeners as T. S. Eliot says genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood. 

For American poet, Robert Frost, 'there are three things that a poem must reach: the eye, the ear, and what we may call the heart or the mind. It is most important of all to reach the heart of the reader.' The following verse of Sarfaraz Abad is very touchy:

Zinda Rehne Ka Haq Miliga Use
Jisme Marne Kaa Hosla Hoga

Rhetorical devices such as simile and metaphor are frequently used in poetry. Aristotle wrote in his Poetics that "the greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor." Sarfaraz Abad uses metaphor extensively to convey his message:

Wo Kis Ke Dar Pe HaiN Sajda Guzaar Kiya Maa'loom
Jo Muntazar HaiN Mere Khoon Se Wazu Ke LiyeUrdu Academy 9-25-2016 (18)

Sarfaraz Abad was asked to recite his quarter century old popular ghazal - Sabza ZarouN MeiN Jaake Kiya Hoga + Zakhm-e-Dil Aur Bhee Hara Hogaa. This rendition drew wide applause but perhaps his following ghazal stole the show:

Dil Kaa Sukun Rahat-e-JaaN Sab Chale Gaye
MeiN Tanhaa Reh Gaya HouN YahaaN Sab Chale Gaye

Launching of Sarfaraz Abad's poetry collection preceded a Mushaera where guest and host poets amused the audience with their thought provoking poetry.

The guest poets were Kashif Haideri from Chicago and Nasim Farogh from Maryland. The host poets included, Kausar Sayed, Arshad Rashid, Salman Siddique, Ahmar Shahwar and Tashie Zaheer.

Ahmar Shahwar was MC for the Mushaera.

At the conclusion, Tashie Zaheer thanked the audience for making Jashan-e-Sarfaraz Abad successful. He particularly thanked Syed Sarwat for patronizing the Urdu language in the Bay Area.

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Report on Jaashn-e-Sarfaraz Abad by Kausar Sayed   PDF

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